Jumat, 20 Juli 2012

Toshiba Recovery Wizard

If you are Toshiba laptop users, you need to know about what I discuss here, very recommended for you the users of Toshiba. You need to know that Toshiba has one important thing, which is Toshiba recovery wizard. One thing, that is needed when you have to recover you Toshiba due to virus problems or other cases,is to understand how Toshiba recovery wizard works. Toshiba recovery wizard help you to recover you Toshiba and managing you data from you hard disk. If you are going to deal with recovery need for you computer then you need to know what you should do before and when you are in Toshiba recovery wizard.
The first thing you should know before continuing to Toshiba recovery wizard is you have to read the manual, the pdf one that coming with your laptop when you shipped it. The manual (chapter 3, page 9) tells you about the manual of Toshiba recovery wizard written. It also inform you that you have about 1.5 GB space in your hard disk to save all files and data that is needed by the notebook to recover the system of Windows Vista Home premium, including all drivers and additional software. Before you do Toshiba recovery wizard, it is recommended that you move all you data in drive C or even all drivers to prevent the risk of losing data unluckily. If you want to start Toshiba recovery wizard, you have to get your Toshiba laptop off, or you can shut it down if you were using it and then press F8 button while you also press on the ‘On’ button. The windows of wizard will show after it. The screen of advance boot option will appear and you choose Repair your computer. The next is about what you will do after clicking on ‘repair your computer’ for more information about Toshiba recovery wizard.
Toshiba recovery wizard opens security recovery option screen after you click on ‘repair you computer’ button. There you are required to enter your username and password to log on Toshiba recovery wizard. Then click ‘OK’ for continuing Toshiba recovery wizard. Another window will open, displaying some option and you choose Toshiba Recovery Wizard, in the last options. You will get a warning, says that you will lose all data in drive C. If you agree then continue the recovery setup wizard. And have your computer getting recovered. Choose Recovery of factory default software to recover to out-of-box state. Then, pick the menu of recover without changing the hard drive partition. This is so crucial, for you will lose your data in drive C only. Then there are some other easy steps you have to follow but they are some that you can do by yourself to finish doing Toshiba recovery wizard. If the process are done well, it means you get your laptop as same as when you first bought it.
It’s recommended for the users of Toshiba laptops that compatible with Toshiba recovery wizard features since they can recover their laptops by their own, not have to see the service center you can easily solve your own problem!

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